Some of the Best Jobs For Backpackers That Pay Really Well

If you are planning to travel around a big country like Australia, it may be a good idea to find some part-time work. Especially if you are thinking of staying for a full 12 month period. The Working Holiday Visa allows people 18-30 years old have an extended holiday in Australia and is designed to help visitors fund their holiday whilst working. You can look for jobs in tourism and hospitality, plants and animal cultivation, tree farming and felling, construction, heathcare and medical sectors and more.

Even if you don’t have any experience, there are some jobs that are always in demand and make a great way to fund your backpacking adventure. Some of the best jobs for backpackers that pay well are:

Farm work – Many farms across Australia are always looking for extra hands during busy periods such as fruit picking season. Farm workers are typically paid according to how much fruit they pick and pack. The minimum hourly rate guaranteed is $25.41 per hour, however for those who are competent and can work quickly can earn close to $30 per hour.

Hospitality work – Bars and pubs in northern and remote Australia are always looking for staff, especially during busy times such as weekends and summer. Most of the time, opportunities exist for chefs, bartenders or waiting staff and your earnings will come from an hourly wage as well as tips, this can add up to around $22-$30 per hour.

Removals & Logistics work – There is always a high demand for removalists and other logistics staff in Australia, especially in big cities along the east coast. Transport businesses are always looking for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane removalists to fulfil short and long term contracts. Wages for this type of work start at around $25-$35 per hour.

Construction work – With the current housing boom in regional Australia, there is a high demand for construction workers across the country. Tradespeople such as carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers and electricians are always in demand. Companies are often willing to pay above the minimum wage for experienced staff, with some even offering casual rates of $30 per hour.

Healthcare work – Due to the current shortage of healthcare professionals in Australia, there are many Covid-19 Surge Workforce opportunities for backpackers with experience in this field. Registered nurses can earn upwards of $40 per hour, whilst those with experience in critical Covid-19 work can even more.

While some of these jobs may require some experience, they are all great options for average backpacker. They pay really well and can help you fund your backpacking adventure around Australia. So if you are looking for some work to help pay for your trip, be sure to check out some of these options.